Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aren't Shoes and Shirt Required? Everywhere?

I am SO sorry that this picture is so dark.  I'll do my best to set the scene... It's Game 5 of the ALCS and the Yankees are going to win at home.  I go to Dive 75 to meet a friend from Harlem who's agreed to come exactly halfway downtown to my up.  It's nice to drink a beer and watch a game on a Wednesday during true happy hour rather than feeling that tug that I really...better...get...home...
So the Yankees are making it happen and my beer was delicious.  It was nice to catch up with my uptown friend and then we see the guy on the couch take off his shirt.  And leave it off.  He was flabbing it out over there in the corner...  It wasn't hot in the bar, and he clearly hadn't spilled anything as there was no sense of panic nor any Tide pens being passed around.  Man, why aren't you wearing a shirt?  Please explain yourself!

The first time we asked there was no reason.  Uptown friend suspected drug use.  Probably because uptown friend thinks most curiosities (not to mention afternoons) should be addressed with drug use.  But explanations come to those who wait.

When his lady friend took her exit, and with his shirt back on, our new friend came to chat with us.  He's a nudist whose girlfriend won't join in--what a predicament!  They have a good thing going, but she doesn't want to expose her three children to the nudist lifestyle.  He knows other nudists' children and they're exceptionally well-adjusted.  In fact, he's offering her kids a gift with his resistance to wearing clothes.  She should recognize the positive influence he's bringing them.  If he had kids, wait, no, he does NOT want his own children under any circumstances.  It's nice to date her for that reason--she's finished having children--but he can't closet his nudist tendencies.  Instead they closet their relationship.  They hit up Dive 75 on Wednesday afternoons where, just for a while, he can hang with his girlfriend and without his shirt.  In peace.

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