Saturday, April 11, 2009


20th between 
7th & 8th
6 o'clock

So many muffins, so hard to choose! I finally order a zucchini muffin to compliment my brewed-just-for-me, Peruvian blend coffee. 

Mix the milk & sugar, find a seat, and then I'm ready to bust in to vegetable-turned-bread goodness. WHY ARE THERE BIG, BROWN CHUNKS IN MY MUFFIN?  What part of a zucchini is red??  Cafe Grumpy, please explain yourself.

Turns out, there were fewer choices than I thought.  That sign reading, "Zucchini Cranberry Chocolate Chips" describes just ONE muffin! Then, as if the amazing coffee weren't enough, this over-achieving, brown, red, and green speckled muffin was spectacular!

Warning: this explanation likely won't be entirely satisfying until you get to Grumpy yourself.


  1. You thought those were three distinct choices and you picked zucchini? Please explain yourself.