Sunday, December 14, 2008

This morning I was walking across Bond Street, in the process of running the errands that solve my hum drum, day-to-day problems. I find that the more ennui life is, the more interesting those on periphery become. WHY, for example, was that woman dressed as a clown in all things but makeup?? She didn't even seem to be in costume; rather it appeared to be her regular Sunday clothes. If only I could get her to explain herself!

Please Explain Yourself does not judge, but is simply curious. Please Explain Yourself asks those questions for which there is truly a need for two question marks. Why does that homeless man wear different, expensive footwear every day?? Why, Eugene, do you keep up to five safety pins on the belt loop of your jeans??

Clown, homeless man, Eugene: Please Explain Yourselves.

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